About Us

Hi and welcome to Our Patch Lavender. We are a small business, owned and operated by Marion, my wife (the brains ) and myself, Mike ( the brawn ). I have a history of forestry, farming and Toyota car factory hand, Marion is a mother, home maker and a nurse, so both of us were well prepared for an adventure in to horticulture.

We started at Newstead in Hamilton with 500 Grosso plants which did really well and convinced us to press on with our dream of self employment and wealth. Then we hit a hurdle hard to beat — Transit New Zealand. We kicked and screamed for a while, but in the end we got smart, sold up and moved to Koromatua on the other side of Hamilton where we have been for 10 years now.

We currently grow 4000 lavender plants: 1000 Pacific Blue for culinary use; 800 Grosso and 1800 Super both of which we use in our range of products, while the rest is the parent stock used for propagation of our plant sales. We try to grow different and interesting varieties and currently have 2 pinks, 2 whites and a range of blue from light to quite dark. We have built most of our machinery as to buy new is prohibitively expensive.

Our products are the results of Marion’s work and have not been tested on animals. (We used our friends and family for that.) I harvest and distill the oil then give it to Marion and she does the rest. Marion has stayed natural where ever possible and has developed a range of yellow creams based on active Manuka honey and beeswax which when combined with our lavender and other oils has proved very successful.

Our dreams of self employment have nearly come true, although I still work part time, but wealth seems to be elusive. The journey has been fun in the main and we would like to share it with you if you care to come and walk through our lavender, stay in our Bed and Breakfast or just browse in the shop.

Remember a home and garden without lavender has something missing!